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It seemed like the American Education system was making progress on educating young people about the dangers of drugs and smoking, but recently, a new substance has taken over the teen population. The dangers of smoking a cigarette have resonated with the majority of the youth, yet vaping has those as young as middle school indulging in the marketed, “safer than cigarettes” mantra. It has come to the attention of health professionals that this belief is in fact false.

A mystery illness has been linked to vaping after an 18 year old in Long Island was rushed to the hospital after experiencing vomiting, dizziness, and a continuous gasping for air. It was discovered that he had been using marajuana for vaping purposes. This case was followed by many others across the nation, as well as a number of deaths. Now, health investigators are trying to figure out what part of vaping could be causing this to occur. 

It is known that vaping products use nicotine or THC mixed with solvents/oils. The solvents are heated up to create the vapor, but once this mixture cools down, oil droplets form. Inhaling these droplets is extremely dangerous as it causes breathing problems and lung inflammation.

The CDC has warned against using vaping products, but of course the two main companies responsible, e-cigarettes and legal cannabis, are pitched as beneficial to public health. E-cigarettes claim to be a safer alternative to smoking, and legal cannabis has been politically sold as “medical marajauna.”  

While vaping will be under investigation, the argument of public health will still be up for debate among government officials. Many health professionals fear that the vaping craze will continue to be the rising epidemic of the American youth.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You come ever so close to nailing down an actual robust thesis, Piano. I admire the way you’ve handled the evidence.


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