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So many efforts were put into place for years to deter people from using nicotine products, and as of now, it seems like all of that progress made is lost. A new crisis has sprung from a new line of nicotine products. The juul, a device that vaporizes chemicals to be used as an inhalant, is breaking through years and years of regulations and warnings with little to no testing done on its effects.

Studies have shown, in the case of cigarettes, that the effects are long term and usually take a long while to be seen. With the new unregulated vaping products, it seems that these disastrous effects take a much smaller amount of time and if continued may cause death as stated by an official advocating youth to help end this epidemic.

So far it seems that many hospitalizations have taken place, and some even resulted in the death of the individuals. Doctors are still unsure as to what causes these problems, but all that is known is the problem is hidden in one of or multiple chemicals in the vaping products. More research is being done currently to figure out what the true problem is, but for many the solution may be a bit too late.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Dr, you’ve described a problem well and convincing and attributed it deliberately, it seems, to legitimate branded devices without distinguishing them from the bootleg devices and contents. You don’t recommend specific action, so it’s hard to know what you’re advocating.


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