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A recent surge of over 215 incidents related to patients, ranging in age from late adolescence to early 20s, experiencing similar symptoms, has put a spotlight on the complex issue of the safety of vaping. 

This discussion is so convoluted partly due to the unclear nature of the causes of the symptoms. Despite them being similar to bacterial and virus illnesses, all tests come back negative. Some theorize that it could be the inhalation of lingering oils used in vaping devices that is causing all the damage. However, more research is still required in order to determine the specificities, such as if all the problems are because of an illegal manufacturer or vaping problems simply being a problem of substance overuse. 

Another contributing reason to the overall chaos is the lack of rigorous oversight by organizations like the FDA. With the vaping market being flooded with unapproved products, there is no safety guarantee whatsoever for these devices. The expected debates between vaping companies and their supporters, as well as their opposition, consisting mostly of health organizations, school officials and worried parents, only adds more fuel to the fire. 

Despite the situation still being very confusing even on a legal level (federal vs state) and the causes of illnesses still unclear, it could pay off to heed the advice of the worried. That is, to, if not completely drop the habit of vaping, then to, at the very least, not to overuse the oil-based substances, until there is hopefully definitive and unbiased evidence.


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  1. davidbdale says:

    What are “incidents related to patients,” Morra? Your overuse of “only” and “even” and “at the very least,” often creates confusion. Otherwise, a strong piece that counsels caution while the facts are unclear.


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