Vaping: The Cure or the Disease?

Vaping began as the “cure” to smoking. Instead of inhaling harmful tobacco and all of the chemicals accompanying it in cigarettes, the public turned to vaping as the first successful means of quitting their smoking habits. Vapes heat liquid, containing the addictive chemical nicotine, turning it into vapor for the user to inhale.

However, many vapes containing THC, the chemical found in marijuana which produces a high, are not regulated by the FDA like most nicotine vapes are. To increase potency or introduce new flavors, manufacturers add chemicals which are left unregulated, and thus are not as ‘safe’ as those vapes which are regulated by the FDA. And so begins the massive issue which has become prevalent in society: Vaping and the sudden illnesses recently associated with those who vape. Many people originally believed nicotine vapes to be the culprit responsible for these illnesses, however, after more speculation and research, THC vapes are found to be responsible instead. Illegal, or partially legal, THC products are difficult to regulate and thus it seems obvious that these products would cause health issues with users. These products also become problematic because many of the oils mixed with the vaping liquid, while safe to ingest, can be harmful to the lungs when inhaled. Paragraph

And so regulation needs to be broader. All methods of vaping need to be checked for toxicity and chemicals contained in these vaping liquids must be inspected for their safety. And those who use vape, whether it be THC or nicotine based, need to know the risk they are putting themselves at.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You take your time, but you do eventually recommend action to respond to the broad and complex danger you describe, Comp. Nice work.


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