The problem of vaping is having attention brought to it more intensely this past summer. Due to the 215 cases of patients with sudden shortness of breath, dizziness, vomiting, and fatigue. The drastic conditions of these patients are bringing light to the manufacturing and ingredients of these vapes being used by young adults. Dr. Pirzada is considering this uproar in the popularity of vaping and its harmful results an “epidemic.”

Health investigators are researching to figure out what it is in particular that is causing all these health issues in people who use vapes. They are investigating whether it is a toxin that made its way into the contents, or if its simply heavy use of the vape. A known problem of vaping is the drops of oil left after the solvents work to dissolve the drug and after it turns back to liquid. Those left over oils can be dangerous to inhale, because they can cause breathing problems and lung inflammation. The health of young adults is being compromised by the unknown ingredients in the vape cartridges, and doctors are working to diagnose such illnesses arising.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    If your opinion is that the deaths and illnesses are mysterious, this is a very fine summary, Kraemercali.


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