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Insert Title Here Re “Trump Heads Into 2020 With No Clear Policy Agenda. But It May Not Matter“(Page 14, September 4): Since Donald Trump became President, he has achieved a substantial amount of success in actualizing his policies and governance. … Continue reading

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Over the course of the past year, the rise of vaping has sky rocketed especially amongst the youth around the world. While the government has issued many warnings and done numerous investigations into large companies, a new crisis has risen … Continue reading

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In the Article “Chris Rock is Writing a Book on Race and Relationships” it is revealed that comedian Chris has been working on publishing a book about racial content and his past relationships. Publisher of the book claims that Rock … Continue reading

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Vaping: The Cure or the Disease? Vaping began as the “cure” to smoking. Instead of inhaling harmful tobacco and all of the chemicals accompanying it in cigarettes, the public turned to vaping as the first successful means of quitting their … Continue reading

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Summary – Sub2MigzFilms

There are plenty of issues in this nation of great importance. This summer, we chose to focus on just one supposed “epidemic” relating to e-cigarettes. According to the article “The Mysterious Vaping Illness That’s ‘Becoming an Epidemic’ written by Sheila … Continue reading

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Problem of Vaping The e-cigarettes is very popular for teenager and young people because many people know that E-cigarettes is as much less harmful than regular cigarettes. However, vaping is very dangerous for our body. Vaping works by heating liquid … Continue reading

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The new trend of vaping and e-cigarettes are becoming more like an epidemic than a fad. With about 215 confirmed cases of vaping related lung illness occurring, victim’s loved ones, doctors, and local officials are boggled at what the cause … Continue reading

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