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China’s Wrongful Intrusion In Hong Kong Hong Kong’s autonomy was wrongfully obstructed by China for another month this October as the world failed to punish China yet again. The pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong initially started this past June in … Continue reading

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Reliving a Rape  Should a rapist still have the right to an education at the same school as their victim? This question was recently posed in a New York High School when a girl was raped by a  boy in … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio – Tenere84

The NBA is Censoring Criticism of the Chinese Government — And it’s Entirely Un-American While, in Hong Kong, anti-government protests have stepped up the violence, the Chinese government is cracking down on all expressions of sympathy for the protesters from … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio – ahntkd99

Even if they don’t drink, they will at least be exposed to friends and classmates and roommates who do. What makes alcohol more problematic for kids? There’s been a good deal of research on the development of what is now … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio – givemeclouttokens

America Needs to Stop its Opioid Addiction On november 2nd, the American government passed a bill that could potentially bring down the famously high price of widely used drugs across America. According to the article, “The American Way of Paying … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio – best baker

The Plastic Problem Next time you order a drink, ask yourself if you need a plastic straw to go with it. The answer should always be no. Plastic straws should never be used because they are toxic to the human … Continue reading

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Editorial for Portfolio – Hershey

School Systems Have Had Enough Systems Have Had Enough Why is the rate of ingesting harmful chemicals into your body increasing rapidly in the lives of the young generation? Thanks to the invention of the technology of Juuls, it is … Continue reading

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