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After reading “An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President,” it was clear that the letter used almost all of the 10 Essential Components. The 65-year-old employee establishes his credentials and proves he is personally affected by the President falsely touting his record on job creation. Joseph Henderson also cites that a job report is released every month by the Labor Department. He cites information that will make him sound more persuasive. Later on, Henderson makes an objection. He says that the increased wages and job creations aren’t as truthful as told. He says this so the audience can be swayed to his side. Joseph then makes a clarification about how labor practice is wrongfully targeting low paid workers in America. This proves that he understands information about the complexity of the topic. Henderson then makes a clear argument and exposes what “just in time scheduling” does to help corporate executives. This is the premise of his problem. He addresses it head on and gets the audience a bit conflicted about where they should stand. Then, he goes on and provides a compelling fact in favor of his argument. It does work to make his case more persuasive and he succeeds in making the President look bad. Also, he tells the truth towards the end of his letter, stating that the President only wants to help the rich get richer. It stands out as a compelling statement after it’s supported with facts. Henderson did fail to make a hopeful proposal. He just insisted on throwing all of the blame on the President. However, in the beginning of his letter, he does use a rhetorical flourish by appealing to the emotions of parents who want to provide for their children. It helps him to persuade families into siding with him. The last thing he does is beg someone to help take action on the President by asking questions that would prove his argument right. Overall, the letter did a good job of making a persuasive case to the audience. It was missing a couple of the essentials elements, but it worked without them.

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