LTE Homework—kraemercali

In Adam McCauley’s “An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President” he denies the President of truly creating plentiful job opportunities for the “hourly wage worker.” His claim is that these jobs that the president boasts about are not easily accessible and questions where they can be found, because they are “certainly not in his hometown.” He is incorrectly speaking on job creation and increased wages. His negligence to the overall topic is mind-blowing on the fact that there in fact has been an increase in the job market and wage margin. For example, in the state of New Jersey, the hourly wage has just been increased to 10 dollars an hour. Thats just one example of the multitude of improvements that are being made for wage earners. So yes, there are increased readily available jobs and wages around the country. From another point of view, this new abundance of jobs and increased wages are not going to be thrown in an already employed man’s face. Man must seek to receive, so while McCauley questions the President I’m insisting on questioning him; have you seeked employment advertised as one of these newly created jobs? Or have you done research on your hourly wage and requested more?

There are many different directions I can go to disarm McCauley’s direct accusation. As he claims that corporate executives “pile up greed” due to weekly scheduling problems and the disadvantages the wage worker receives he is setting up an argument. Why are those corporate executives in positions that they are in? Why are wage workers in the positions that they are in? Im a firm believer in the idea that people are what they make themselves. In today’s world everything is easily accessible to everyone, whether it be education, a promotion, a better job, a better life, etc. These things are made so readily available to everyone, it is simply just what you make of opportunities. However I do understand circumstantial problems for certain individuals, but as I reread and reread McCauley’s writing it keeps striking me as excuses for his regretful life decisions. Not in anyway am I intending on falsely presuming that these are his exact feelings or intentions of this article, but I can’t deny my own intuition either.

In turn, McCauley’s opinion on labor policies that have been implemented by our government are harsh and presumptuous. However I encourage the wage worker to look at this situation as one of missed opportunity, and recognize that there is readily available opportunities for everyone in this country today. This is not to discourage anyone and the positions they are in, my intentions are to encourage everyone to seek better opportunities for themselves and their families.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    This is fascinating, KC, and not at all what I expected. I do like your passionate counterargument.


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