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When it comes to writing a persuasive essay, it is important to know the proper techniques to convey to the reader that your thoughts and opinions are reasonable. One must know how to win over the reader properly and effectively, getting the point across to what ever audience member reading. The art of doing such is no easy task, however, in the letter ” An Hourly Workers Question to the President “, the hotel employee does an excellent job at using some of the ten essential components to make his opinions clear and agreeable. In the employee’s essay, he talk’s about the struggle’s of job creation, how corporate executives open up these jobs preventing citizens from getting decent health benefits and earning the proper living wage for their families, let alone themselves.

Starting in the very first paragraph of his letter, the writer states that he himself is an hourly employee, like many other ” low-wage earners in America “. If a random corporate executive wrote this response, one would assume their opinions are not valid, for the writer would have no business speaking of a game they are not even playing in. By stating his credentials, this allows more readers to not only relate, but respect his thoughts and opinions of the issue at hand. Additionally, in the following paragraphs, the writer uses clarification of how the job report and creation actually works. By including the fact that “Each month the Labor Department releases a new job report. After which, like clockwork, our president takes the opportunity to preen and revel in the numbers…”, it allows the reader to be on the same page by knowing the same important information as the writer. A persuasive piece without any facts backing up the opinion is thoughtless and makes one’s argument or point look weak and narrow minded. Closer towards the end of the letter, the employee begins to speak of the last straw. When referring to the president’s unanswered questions, the writer states “… let him know that his labor policies haven’t produced a pathway that enriches us all.” To put the hotel employee’s words simply, the president and other corporate America big leagues do not care about the working class, point blank. They want to gift the rich and starve the poor for their own greedy gain. The writer lays down the absolute truth about the job creation system, leaving the reader with a sense of rebellion or a need for change. Lastly, to sweep up any lose ends of the persuasive letter, the writer ends the paragraph by saying “… we as a people can do better than this “. The employee also uses words and statements like “… many of us… ” and “I begrudge no man and want everyone to do well”. By including these rhetorical flourishes and using personal vocabulary and lingo, one can feel a sense of unity towards wanting to make a change, thus agreeing and perhaps even acting on the writers opinions. If the reader is compelled enough to seek action and change, you have mastered persuasion.

Persuasive writing can get your opinions accepted and appreciated by a multitude of people who disagree with you when done well. Additionally, you can show the reader broad, unseen perspectives when stating your thoughts and opinions. When following the ten essential components, there is not an argument you can not lose. By using his credentials, clarification, truth, and a rhetorical flourish, his letter was informative, persuasive and professional. His reasons and opinions came across clear and collective, relatable to many and succeeded in getting the overall point across. Thus making a successful persuasive letter.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Terrific and very thorough analysis marred a bit by sloppy phrasing and pervasive punctuation errors.


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