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In the letter ” An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President” Joseph Henderson clearly states his hatred and anger toward the working classes’s wages. He states that not only is the labor concept wrong, it leaves millions of people fighting to meet their financial needs due to cut hours. Hendersens main argument was the labor policies and fighting to change them and better the working classes conditions. This point is vaguely represented in his argument, making it less persuasive.

Hendersends letter to the editor overall has some key components such as being specific and providing a personal experience adding that “I am a 65-year-old hourly employee at a hotel in Durham, N.C” and explains how wages are low with labor intensive hours. Also citing the original letter that he was critiquing in the first sentence. However, his letter does not convey a clear argument in the title nor the opening statement and is somewhat biased in nature. The most persuasive component of this letter was the questions stating where jobs can be found, how financially supporting these jobs are, and the benefits that come along with the job. In my opinion, this makes the reader look t the situation in a different perspective and allows a open minded view.

He tied in is argument into the end by stating “as people we can do better than this”, overall giving hope to the working society. While this pull of emotions is used a a persuasive technique, it did not fully embody his letter and his argument that the was trying to get across.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Roses, your own claims are at least as vague as Henderson’s. This “Hendersens main argument was the labor policies and fighting to change them” makes almost not claim at all. Just a thought. Overall, you covered the material very nicely.


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