LTE Homework – Bane1900

In the Opinion Article written in the New York Times, the author of the article uses many substantial points in order to get his article published. In this article, the author immediately states his credentials as a “65-year-old hourly employee at a hotel” (Henderson 1). This gives readers the understanding that he is experiencing these issues first-hand. The author also makes the premise that ultimately like him and many others, their working hours and wages will be cut down dramatically which presents the readers with the basic argument of the authors article. The author also uses support in his article by stating that “Each month the Labor Department releases a new job report. After which, like clockwork, our president takes the opportunity to preen and revel in the numbers” (Henderson 3). This proves to readers that this author has done research on the topic and has a good grasp on how this industry works. A proposal is made to the readers as the author says, “His gift is to help the powerful, the haves and corporate America” (Henderson 5). This presents the readers the opportunity to make change by standing together and addressing the President as a community looking for change. Lastly, a call to action is stated by the readers in the last sentence of the article. It gives readers an internal dilemma questioning their stance on this issue, wondering how they can make change.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Thoughtful analysis.


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