LTE Homework – givemeclouttokens

This letter to the editor does not exude any correct attributes that should get this letter into the newspaper. This letter must have been forced into this article because there must have been a lack of letters. In this letter to the editor, the author does not meet all the criteria to legitimately be placed into this section of the newspaper. The author of this letter to the editor did not express much of a strong opinion. This letter has an opinion that mostly everyone can agree on, or that does not spark up enough controversy. This author has the credentials to be making his argument, his only downfall lies within how controversial his argument is. The authors argument does not have a debatable background to it. The author is merely stating his opinion, about how jobs are not easily kept, good paying, etc. The argument does split the audience into two sides, but now enough. The argument does take a shot at the current president of our time, but so many arguments against the president have been pushed out so many times that it does not have the same effect on the audience anymore; Therefore, this argument does not split the audience enough to be considered for this newspaper. 

This letter to the editor does not contain a proper citation, in addition to the argument. The citation in this letter is not properly executed as any other letter to the editor would have been. This citation appears to have been done by the newspaper themselves to compensate for the lack of citation. Usually, one would see a citation blend in with the writing, and portray a smooth transition throughout the letter. This letter does not achieve  this goal. This letter gives off the appearance of a quick statement by the author of the original newspaper article himself. Some may say that the author of the letter did this on purpose to get straight to the point, but even if that were the case, something like this should not have landed into the newspaper.

The author of this letter does not take time to clarify the argument at hand. The author  states what his opinion is but does not clarify exactly what it is he is talking about. The author’s message is very unclear. He does not give an exact why he’s talking about what he’s talking about. The author of this letter merely gives many examples about what he’s talking about and does not explain or clarify what he is talking about.

In conclusion, the author of this letter to the editor did not earn his place in this article as a letter to the editor. The author did provide many other attributes that did deserve him some spot on the article to voice his opinion. The author did miss out on many other attributes that should have destroyed his chances of being in the article. These attributes destroyed the first impression he had to the newspaper and ultimately should not have kept him there.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    What letters are you referring to, Tokens?


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