In this sample ”  “An Hourly Worker’s Questions for the President”, only several of the essential components were applied. The citation was applied to the beginning of the text which allows us to know what the name of the article, who the editor is along with the date it was written. Following the citation the editor did not indicate what was wrong from the original source nor give the editor his credibility. These two are super important components because this section of the text is going to be persuasive, encouraging the reader to keep reading. In this text the editor did provide his credentials which is going to back up the argument. The credentials were persuading because they open up your eyes and look at the bigger picture on how people live. In the sample a premise is expressed by describing the daily struggle some people have to worry about and not having a consistent paycheck. Support is provided following the premise because it’s going to give the reasoning behind the argument. The support from the text is  saying that the opportunity isn’t being presented to a wide variety of the people. The Rhetorical flourish is the questions being asked that are never going to be given answers. This draws anger to the reading because it’s so true that so many things go unanswered. 

The same criteria apply to “Kudos to Walmart.”  

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Nice work, JayV. Your explanation does more than just count the components. It gets close to explaining the real importance of them.


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