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Wealthy People Getting Benefits From Food Stamps

To the Editor:

Re “The Cruel Farce of Cutting Food Stamps” (Op-Ed, July. 29):

As someone who grew up eating and living off of food stamps, I disagree with the Trump Administration cutting food stamps. I understand that they don’t want millionaires from getting food stamps and benefits, which they don’t need, but they are also keeping the low-wage/income families from getting food stamps and benefits. Rob Understander, a 66-year old, qualified for benefits when he has around $1 million in assets. While, some families that are in need could not qualify. The administration said that there were evidence that some low-income families are excessive spenders and that they should suspend the program to save millions or even billions of money. There are millions of people who are in need but the administration is closing the program which helped plenty of low-wage families that will later live on to a better lif). Imagine the millions of families that are starving and the kids that see their parents only at night, because of low wages and working 2 jobs. Instead of taking away the program, they could alter the current rules to qualify for food stamps and benefits.

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2 Responses to LTE Draft—iamsleepy

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m passing you by again for feedback, iamsleepy, because you still haven’t fixed your title and the name of your post. If you don’t know what I mean by that, please ask. The longer you delay getting feedback, the less time you’ll have to complete you next LTE Revised assignment.


  2. davidbdale says:

    A reminder to rename your post LTE Draft—iamsleepy and to move your title where it belongs. I will withhold feedback until you make these changes. Thank you.


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