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Letter to the Editor:

In Mary Ziegler’s July 11, 2019 article about “The End of the Rape and Incest Exception” the topic of why rape and incest cases are no longer “justifiable” or are no longer included as “exceptions” to abortions are discussed. In the article it is claimed that many women “cry rape” in order to get their abortions reimbursed which is  absoletly the most horrifying and degrading rubuttle against abortion and “pro-choice” arguments. A topic discussed that is supported and simply “suggested” by the Hyde Amendment. 

I, a WOMEN who believes it is HER choice to decide on whether or not she should keep the fetus have a few facts to present to you. The abortion rate due to rape and incest is actually extremely low. Only about .13% of abortions have been filed because of rape and incest combined. This is about 1 in every 770.6. Therefore proving the statement the Hyde Amendment “suggested” that most women lie and say they were raped in order to be reimbursed in completely inaccurate. Rape and incest is again, the lowest reasoning for abortion. Depression levels in women will rise due to the unwanted feeling for the child, a higher number of kids will be born into poverty, and after birth the rate of kids put into adoption will increase. Ultimately reshaping our community. 

Instead of banning abortions all together like the states of Alabama, Lousiana, Ohio and Mississippi instead set restrictions for abortions having ANY reason. A good restriction to start off with is that you could no longer receive an abortion after the first trimester. This gives the mother enough time to decide what she wants to do with her body and what would be best for her. 

If we do not support our women in the decisions they are making today about they’re OWN body, especially in the case of rape and incest by rape, you will see a huge shift in our environment. It is up to the women and the government to listen to the women in order to fix this issue and fix the state bans on abortions. Having a child born with a mother who does not want it is causing self destruction in the mother and the child. A child who feels unwanted is one of the most heartbreaking things that needs to be avoided. To support abortions there are many websites you can to help sign petitions on bans against abortions as well as donations to abortion clinics and women clinics like Planned Parenthood.



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