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An Opinion on Searching for God

I recently read George Yancy’s article, “Dear God, Are You There?”, and it caused me to revisit many of my memories as a freshman in high school and the religious struggles that came along with it. I once asked the very same question to the big man upstairs, that is, “are you here?” The answer would prove to be one of the reasons I am a staunch atheist today: nothing.

The conclusion I drew from Mr. Yancy’s article was that he seems to have a serious case of cognitive dissonance, or the state of having inconsistent thoughts. The mental gymnastics of acknowledging the horrors of humanity and still calling oneself a “hopeful Christian theist” who is simply waiting for God’s voice speak volumes to this fact.

The moments of good in this world, pleasant as they may be, are vastly overshadowed by the atrocities mankind has committed. The Holocaust is one of the most obvious examples. Ellie Wiesel was one of the outspoken survivors of this horrible event and has, along with many of his fellow victims, prayed desperately for answers as to how God could let it happen. Yet, as the prayers grew louder, the silence became ever deafening. The genocide of the Darfur people sixty years later may as well have been a “flipping the bird” response.

Regardless of these events, people still refuse to believe their ears and believe that praying will help solve our problems. There is no evidence to suggest that God has responded to our prayers, especially in times of dire need. However, whether it indicates that God is evil or nonexistent is ultimately irrelevant. The bottom line is that we are on our own in fighting the world’s biggest problems. Lacking the help of divine intervention does not imply that we are doomed, though; realizing our self-reliance may empower us to do more to fight the world’s problems. Despite what Mr. Yancy may think, secular mediums like politics may very well be what we need to help us.

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