In the article “The Mysterious Vaping Illness That’s ‘Becoming an Epidemic” the author brings to light the dangers and severity of e-cigarettes and THC oil. Recently doctors and other medical professionals have been baffled by the sicknesses that have affected todays youth. Teenagers who are in their prime and have great health are being sent to hospitals with life threatening symptoms. The author emphasizes the importance of getting F.D.A testing on these products, yet the market for these products are growing larger and larger everyday with no idea of the consequences it has on the human body. Researchers have yet to be able to separate the effects of the two products because of how often they are used together in a persons daily life. The real risk is that even when these young people come into emergency rooms and doctors offices they are unable to find the cause of the ailments and therefore cannot treat them with the care and urgency that they need. Also parents are denying that their kids are using these products in fear that they have not done their job as a parent. “No one is actually evaluating the products to see whether they are pure, or if they contain toxic substances. There has to be some way of regulating them.” Says Dr Volkow, which further pushes on the outrage of the products. A 31 year old woman died a month ago who had recently been vaping, and a man in late July was gasping for air after using these products. In the end there can be no good outcome from this epidemic.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You describe a situation with some specificity, DogLover, but without recommending a course of action or adopting a position except that vaping is dangerous. Purposeful Summary requires a Purpose.


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