Every year cigarettes are responsible for over 480,000 deaths in the US alone. Now while this statistic is quite jarring, it has little to no affect on the masses today except that the majority of people know that cigarettes are bad. But there is a new smoking device in the market that has gotten some attention recently for injuring and killing teenagers. This new device is the “vape”, short for vaporizer. These new devices are very convenient as they are easily accessible and discreet. Vaporizers use either tobacco tased liquids or liquid bases mixed with THC. The liquids and chemicals have been seen to cause great damage to the lungs and in some cases, death.

The reason for people including teenagers being sent to the emergency room is because of oils found in vape cartridges. The oils that are used can be left over from usage and when inhaled can cause serious damage to the lungs. One solution is for the FDA to simply test cartridges for oils and ban the ones that contain them.

Vaping is now seen as just as terrible as cigarettes. So much so that there has been an outcry for Vaping devices to be outlawed and removed from shelves completely. While there is no evidence yet as to which company that produces vaping devices is responsible for the recent cases of damaged lungs, it is clear that there is a general hatred for vaping.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    If this essay were a witness and I pressed it to state its thesis in one sentence, I think it would fail. That’s a bad sign for an assignment meant to empower you to massage the evidence to suit your own Purpose. Nothing should be more obvious than your Purpose. What’s yours?


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