Over the course of the past year, the rise of vaping has sky rocketed especially amongst the youth around the world. While the government has issued many warnings and done numerous investigations into large companies, a new crisis has risen from the epidemic. Even though the technology is considered healthy and a new and improved alternative to cigarettes, the market is still unregulated and still requires a lot more testing to determine just how bad or good these things are for people.

The rise of vaping however happened at a mass scale on such short notice of time. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former Food and Drug Administration commissioner, blames the companies for not being able to change the recipe for ingredients such as THC and Vitamin E due to the mass production required. Cigarettes on the other hand have long term damage but no short term damage because they were studied and regulated.  Meanwhile, lobbyists and company officials are just blaming an unregulated market. Most recently on lung scans, an unknown bacterial infection seem to be at the blame for most of this epidemic. JUUL being the leader in the vaping epidemic says that they’ve done tests and have yet to find proof of any bacterial infection.

Being in the current market that vapes are in, it is hard for any type of regulation to be placed on vapes and will take more time before scientists can know the full extent of what the permanent and part time damage that can be caused from them.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    This summary doesn’t take an aggressive stand, but it does make clear that the problem with the products is their newness to the market and the slowness of regulators to catch up with potential harms.


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