LTE Draft- doglover441

Presidential Disrespect

Re “Trump Heads Into 2020 With No Clear Policy Agenda. But It May Not Matter“(Page 14, September 4):


Since Donald Trump became President, he has achieved a substantial amount of success in actualizing his policies and governance. He has ably demonstrated to the citizenry that he does not mince his words and always shoots straight. The author’s effort to paint him as of a clueless and ignorant mindset does not erode the fact that he is widely admired and respected not only by his critics but by the international community as well.

As an 18-year-old teenager from northern New Jersey, I feel ably represented by Donald Trump and I have tremendous hope in his economic policies and his zeal to make America great again. He has without fear, taken China heads in the economic tariffs issue, tightened the immigration policies and most importantly, in the process of introducing a better thought out health care policy.

We will not become a much bigger world superpower if we shy away from electing a bold President who is not only informed but willing to fight for his country’s respect to be recognized. If as a society we continue bashing and making our head of state look like a clown, we might as well be shouting to the international community that we deserve some “disrespect”.

As Malcolm X once said, stumbling is not falling and we can still address the POTUS with the respect he deserves. After all, 2020 is not away and all candidates will come to wow us with their policies and manifestos and not with empty rhetoric.

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3 Responses to LTE Draft- doglover441

  1. davidbdale says:

    Doglover, your defense of the president is admirable and passionate, obvious for all readers to see. What you don’t help them understand is why you chose THIS article to react to. You cite the title above your own letter, but you don’t mention it in your text at all, or name its author, or indicate in any way what you’re objecting to.

    You come this close: “The author’s effort to paint him as of a clueless and ignorant mindset.”

    For readers to fully appreciate your reaction, you need to lift the veil on what substantive claims you’re objecting to. I think Mr. Crowley has provided you with plenty of opportunities. It’s true he criticizes the president’s attention span and preparedness, but he also suggests that he isn’t getting the cooperation he would need to fulfill his agenda.

    I hope that’s enough advice to help you retool this admirable first draft when you move it into your next post: “LTE for Portfolio.”

    Please let me know how you feel about this feedback. Much as I like to give advice, I very quickly start to ignore students who don’t keep the conversation going.

    1. Respond to this feedback with a Reply.
    2. Open your post in Edit and make revisions.
    3. Update your post without creating a new one and without changing its title.

    OR, since your “for Portfolio” version is due Thursday, you could:
    4. Copy and paste this version into your new post.
    5. Then revise to create a clear difference between your Draft and your “for Portfolio” versions.

    But do Reply to this post either way so I know whether you appreciate the feedback or not.

    Thanks, DogLover.


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