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This letter to the editor began with an unclear citation, however made up for it in it’s compelling image of what living paycheck to paycheck with a promise of more jobs is like. Joseph Henderson establishes his credibility by detailing his time as a hotel employee, allowing readers to not only sympathize with his situation, but to create a basis as to why he is connected to the topics discussed in the article. The premise is intricately weaved throughout the letter through the use of negative and accusatory diction and a powerful tone.

Although Henderson applies only a few pieces of real support to his argument, he offers two profound statements in which he discusses the job reports of the Labor Department, and further ridicules the President for blindly accepting the false reality portrayed by the reports. Henderson concludes his argument by stating the truth that perpetuates that there is not a production of new and economically sound jobs being created. Rather than giving a sense of hope, he concludes his letter by calling out not only the president for accepting the reports, but also the audience to encourage them to question the facts they are being fed through media and society. Henderson effectively conveys his beliefs that the American people are not seeing an increase in jobs and the government has to fix this problem.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I see you came to class with a wealth of analytical knowledge and experience, Wordsmith, and you’ve employed it beautifully here. I disagree with you late claim that Henderson disputes the creation of MORE jobs. His point is that the jobs aren’t worth taking. Beautiful work.


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